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About us

Two friends, one idea

Reinhard Mattes is a passionate winemaker, his family business is located in the center of the Weinviertel, between Retz and Poysdorf. Thomas Voglsam produces fruit juices in the Traunviertel region and is known throughout Austria for his organic hasenfit juices. What do they have in common? Not only a friedship that has existed for more than 15 years, but also very high quality standards for their products. The idea to create a joint product had already existed for some time - the goal was to produce a new, stylish, unusual and high-quality wine-mixed drink. After many attempts the two friends were finally satisfied with the result - VinTonic was born!

Wine from the Weinviertel and tonic from the Traunviertel make a unique, distinctive and refreshing drink! VinTonic is a fruity, spicy and pleasantly light experience. A pleasure on many occasions.


VinTonic - Das Original

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